Follow-Back Policy

Dale’s Twitter Follow-Back Policy was inspired by the wise policy of Ted Coin.

I regularly check lists to find folk that are into the same things as me, those with a shared interest, those on the planet with which I have something in common. When others do the same thing and follow me, I follow them back.

Here is why;

1. The overriding culture of Twitter is ‘we are all friends here’

2. I follow everyone back because I am not more important than my followers. If someone chooses to follow-me then it would be ungracious to not reciprocate.

3. Hey, I want to get to know you better too.


There are some exceptions though;

1. If I don’t get a follow back, I kind of understand. Kind of.  They don’t know me. It’s a little one sided though and if I consider it impolite to ignore those that follow me I can hardly be blamed for feeling a little slighted when my follows are not reciprocated. I follow because there is a shared interest. I follow because I believe I can learn something from most interactions. I follow leaders. Leadership (including thought leadership) is nothing without humility so I regularly sift through those that don’t follow me (again through Tweepi) and decide if they are that important to me. Few are. None are forever.

2. Spammers, I am looking at you, but only briefly so that I can unfollow as quickly as I can hit the button.

That’s it. I look forward to learning from you and I hope that my tweets inform, offer new perspective, challenge or amuse you.

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  1. I’m with you on this, Dale. I have been writing up my own FB policy, and it was inspired by a few people that do this. Thanks for the post.


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