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Social Selling: Why 2014 is the Right Time

January 2, 2014


Social Success According to a 2012 study from the Aberdeen Group, those that have adopted a social approach to selling are achieving far betters results than those that have not. Look at quota attainment, customer rentention even forecast accuracy and social sellers come out on top. As we enter another New Year, social sellers are proving to be more successful. […]

Living the vida nube

June 15, 2013


A career in consultancy and services leadership has not really helped me develop a sense of rythm, a party spirit or noteworthy alcohol tolerance. It is fair to say that Ricky Martin’s crazy life passed me by. Mostly. That being said, I am  living the vida nuba. There are less sequins certainly, but it has […]


May 6, 2013


Diversion into Diversity Much of what we talk about here in DH is about the changing workplace largely as a result of living in the networked age. I hope, that some of these posts encourage us, as organisational leaders, to rethink the way we work, the way we organise and the style in which we lead […]

Hippo Decision Making

April 1, 2012


According to Andrew McAfee of the MIT Centre for Digital Business in an article in MIT Sloan Management Review many companies still practice decision making by Hippo. Actually he refers to it as HPPO,  the Highest Paid Persons Opinion.  This resonated with me having just completed the draft for a chapter on networked decision making […]

Enterprise Social Circles

March 11, 2012


Paul Adams,  Facebook Product Manager and former Social researcher at Google led the charge into Social Circles.  Quite frankly, according to Adams, ‘Friends’ really didn’t cover it. We have family relationships, relationships with our colleagues and closer ‘besty’ friends. We also have relationships that are built during life stages (university) or around hobbies (football teams, […]

A Short Post on Air Quote Reduction from WFH Cynics

January 19, 2012


As working practices change, many decision makers are ‘telepresent’. I have at least two customers that operate a two desk for three policy so are clearly assuming a third of their workforce are simply not in the office on any one given day. The decision makers cubicle is empty or more likely gone along with […]

Collaborative Decision Making and the Big Salad

January 4, 2012


Tom’s Diner Some good friends of mine have asked me to take part in what seems like an amazing concept later this year. Rooven Pakkiri and Stuart Mcintyre of Collaboration Matters are eschewing the usual cubicle stylee stand at their next show at UC Expo on the 6th and 7th March. Instead, they intend to […]