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The Business Buyer Manifesto

May 1, 2014


As our own business grows, I find myself more frequently in the role of a business buyer. It is a stark reminder of why we do what we do at Artesian. CC Bloom Syndrome A meeting with a potential supplier, only a few days ago, was a classic example of what will now be forever […]

Intending (not resolving) to Simplify my Life in the Cloud

January 11, 2014


HNY14 I am not much of a resolutionist. I don’t judge those that  resolve to improve significantly annually on January 1st but permanent personal change, for me, comes from small but frequent adjustment. Out of (minor) Disaster The latest set of changes came about as a result of a determined thief ‘having it away’ with my […]

Smart Watch naysayers and the inevitable rise of Wearable Tech

September 16, 2013


A diversion into the world of wearable tech for my first post after a Summer recess. The naysayers are already lining up to herald the failure of smart watches including a couple of post from ZDNet with The problems with the smart watch even Apple can’t solve and Wearable computing: Why there’s no room for watches like […]

Living the vida nube

June 15, 2013


A career in consultancy and services leadership has not really helped me develop a sense of rythm, a party spirit or noteworthy alcohol tolerance. It is fair to say that Ricky Martin’s crazy life passed me by. Mostly. That being said, I am  living the vida nuba. There are less sequins certainly, but it has […]


May 6, 2013


Diversion into Diversity Much of what we talk about here in DH is about the changing workplace largely as a result of living in the networked age. I hope, that some of these posts encourage us, as organisational leaders, to rethink the way we work, the way we organise and the style in which we lead […]

Mediterranean Murder Mystery: Marketing Kills Product on idyllic Spanish Island

May 4, 2012


In the early 80’s I holidayed in a lovely fishing town on one of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago of Spain. It was bliss. Quiet, peaceful days followed by a relaxed evening stroll around Town hunting for the perfect place to eat.  Choosing the restaurant was as much of the experience as actually dining.  Our […]

EA: Why Being Worst Matter More than They Think?

April 6, 2012


It seems that beating the tobacco companies and those behind environmental negligence to the title of ‘Worst Company in America’ has not been an exercise in humility for Electronic Arts   In a statement to Gamer web site Kontaku, EA said “We’re sure that British Petroleum, AIG, Philip Morris, and Halliburton are all relieved they […]