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Social: The Fifth Age of Selling

July 7, 2013


Professor Derek A. Newton of the Darden School at the University of ┬áVirginia is credited with suggesting that there are four ages of selling. The ages start with music man and move through animated catalogue, magic formula and finally problem-solver. The music man (or woman) was most successful before the first world war but you […]

Essential Tools for the Social Leader

May 9, 2013


This continues to crop up in conversation with my colleagues and customers. What are the essential tools for leading in a networked and social era. Here are my top 5. Evernote. Strictly speaking, not really a social tool. However, those that are living in the cloud (living the vida nuba) need a note taker that […]

The New Sales ABC Always be Serving

March 24, 2013


I have always had a problematic relationship with sales. This is quite an admission given that I have worked closely with professional sellers for most of my working life. Indeed, much of what I do today is help customers through their analytics and social crm initiatives and then ask them for money at some point […]

The Sales Process; SPIN or SPIV

January 13, 2013


Last year I posted and tweeted a fair amount on the subject of┬ásales process. Many, it seemed to me, were all too focused on the success of the seller with scant regard to the buyer. I argued that even more enlightened and consultative approaches have a problem of perspective. Buyers don’t believe they are ever […]

What Has CRM Ever Done for Us?

September 23, 2012


Actually the Romans come out rather well when Reg asks the questions of a bunch of masked activists in Matthias’s house in ‘The Life of Brian’. The aqueduct was just the beginning. Would CRM fare so well in a contemporary and probably unfunny update of the classic scene? What has it done for us? Don’t […]