Decision Hacker

Dale is half way through his second decade helping organisations be better decision makers. Much of this time was with Business Intelligence giant, Cognos where, as a European Services Lead, he was involved in literally hundreds of analytics implementations. Most recently he is part of the Executive team of Artesian Solutions, an early stage innovator in business analytics and social media monitoring. He is a commentator, blogger and regular speaker at the Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management events.

Why Decision Hacker

Decision because, as an information and business intelligence specialist, I maintain that the purpose of information is primarily about making decisions. Few, in any organisations, have the word ‘curious’ in their job title.

Hacker is interesting. It is not meant to imply any kind of illegal activity in the post Enron economy. Absolutely not. Instead, I use it in the same way as ‘Lifehacker‘ an amazing set of hints and tips, some of which are important, some trivial and many on the continuum between the two. Like lifehacker, I aspire to provide useful resources for an on-line, connected and social organisation.

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